AHIDA: Anstee Hub for Inherited Diseases in Animals

Reporting and surveillance of inherited diseases in animals in Australia

An AHIDA online Introduction Event was held on 28th June 2024 - a pre-recorded presentation and downloadable information resources to share will be uploaded shortly

The Anstee Hub for Inherited Diseases of Animals (AHIDA) is an online platform for surveillance, reporting and facilitating control of inherited diseases in animals in Australia.

Veterinarians and animal owners can submit information about inherited diseases and can request to be connected with interested researchers. In  the future submitters will be linked to information about diseases with similar clinical presentation and available DNA diagnostics.

Researchers can register to be listed as contacts for research.

Genotyping providers will in the future be able to list available DNA diagnostic tests for specific variants and provide population-based frequency information about variants tested in their facility. Please contact the AHIDA team for more information ([email protected]).

Submitting information to AHIDA is voluntary.

If you want to find information about known inherited diseases in animals, visit Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals (OMIA).